Innovation Observatory

"As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do. "

- Andrew Carnegie

There is value in observation. To watch is to learn through the experience of others. The concept of our service is to place professionals from companies that wish to innovate in privileged positions so that they can observe the various actors of an innovation cluster and how they relate to each other. How exchanges occur and how this fosters the innovation environment. It is the beginning of a real adventure. It is when you decide to look at the terrain and not just at the map. It is the opportunity to see all the facets of innovation in the process of construction.

There are 9 types of innovation


Introduction of new or significantly improved product that generates new customer value.


Implementation of a new and significantly improved production.


Introduction of a new or significantly improved service that generates new customer value.

Business Model

New ways in which an organisation creates, delivers and captures values.


Innovations that displace estabilished companies or industries.


Innovations that generate a paradigm shift in technology or science.


New ways in which people manage and share resources.

Outcome Driven

The jobs the customers is trying to get done are used as input to the innovation process.


Small continuous improvements to existing products, services and processes.

Our Portfolio

If your company still does not have innovation as part of its culture, we understand that the first step is to observe a cluster of innovation. Understand how it operates, understand what it produces, and begin to identify its likely partners on this path of open innovation.

Visit to Cluster

First contact with the different types of actors in an innovation cluster in order to understand the role of each one and how they relate to each other.


Promote events directed to the interest of the company in innovation to be able to evaluate the ability of the innovation cluster to respond to this demand. (i.e. workshops, hackatons)


Workshops on topics that define innovative business areas, technologies or methodologies for the company.